Custom Crating Company Near Quincy MA

Crate This is based in Holbrook Massachusetts. Our team has helped hundreds of clients with a variety of crating, storage, and shipping projects. We specialize in working with commercial and industrial clients to help handle especially complex projects. This includes providing international crating that meets international shipping standards, providing on-site or expedited services as needed, providing commercial storage, and helping with full industrial relocation projects. We have extensive experience working with machinery and fragile items. For businesses in Quincy and around the South Shore, we frequently provide on-site crating services when needed. For more information about our services or for quotes for our custom crates, please contact our team.

Custom Crates Designed For Quincy Businesses

The best protection for any shipment is customized protection. Our team combines our decades of experience with a variety of high-quality materials to ensure the safety of what you are shipping. We take many different factors into consideration when designing crates for your shipment. Where you are shipping, your shipping methods, and what you are shipping are all considered when our designers create custom crates for your business. For more information about our materials including vapor barrier protective coatings, heat shrink wrapping, etc. please click below.

Specializing in Out Of Guage Cargo

Our team specializes in shipping items that are not always easy to ship. This includes working with Out Of Guage cargo or cargo that needs to be consolidated, or similar challenges. Our team has decades of experience working with freight forwarding companies and logistics companies. We understand the difficulties of different shipping methods. As such, we help create crates that can better protect your items if they do not fit in a standard shipping container or if they need to share space with other shipments.

Plant Relocation Services in Quincy Massachusetts

Crate This provides plant relocation packing and storage services. Whether you are moving a business across the country or you are downsizing your operations, our team can help. With commercial storage, we can hold on to some of your items while you move or reorganize your properties, and with our commercial shipping services, we can help ensure that your machinery and other items are properly packed and ready to be shipped anywhere in the country or across the globe. For more information, please get in touch with our team.

Tradeshow Crates & Specialty Crating Solutions

Crate This also provides a variety of crating that is designed for specific uses. For example, we manufacture crates for tradeshow booths and exhibition booths. Not only are these crates designed with wheels and ramps to make movement and unpacking easier, but they are also designed to be used again and again with high-quality materials and an easy organization system.


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