Get Custom Wood Crates In Quincy MA

On-Site Custom Crating In Quincy MA

Our team provides on-site custom crating services to businesses in the Quincy area. We are located in Holbrook Massachusetts, and frequently travel throughout the South Shore to support a variety of shipping and crating projects. Whether we are working with businesses to bring their items to our location for crating/storage, or are bringing our materials to their location for on-site crating, we are happy to help commercial and industrial clients in the Quincy area. Our team specializes in the difficult shipping projects. Items that are uniquely delicate or won’t fit in a standard shipping container, should always be give custom crating and packaging to ensure their safe arrival at their destination. For more information please contact our team. 

International Crating Manufactured in Quincy

Our team specializes in large crating projects including international shipping projects. Our team designs and manufacturers crating that will protect your shipment whether it is traveling via the air or ocean. Our goals a company is to provide the most value possible when it comes to crating. We understand the need for quick turnaround times and unmatched quality. It is vital that crating not only provide expert protection for goods but also meet the needs and expectations of your carrier, international regulations, and be easy to load and unload. Our team has decades of experience crafting crating for machinery, electronics, fragile items, and more. 

Certified Crating/Packing For Quincy MA

Our team is a certified crating manufacturer that works with high quality materials. This includes working with high quality lumber that is stamped for international shipping. Any wood pallets or crating that is shipped internationally needs the ISPM-15 “Bug Stamp” which indicates that the wood was heat treated to prevent the spread of pests internationally. Our team works with high-quality heat-treated wood and we are partners with NELMA the Northeaster Lumber Manufacturers Association. Aside from wood, all of the materials we use to create custom crates are high-quality and are tailored to exactly what you are shipping and where you are shipping it to. 

Business Relocation Services For Quincy

If a business plans to relocate, downsize, or move a large amount of their assets, we can help. Whether you need temproary commercial storage at our location in Holbrook, or you need custom crating to protect machinery as it is moved across the state, country, or globe, our team can assist with your moving project. We work with commercial and industrial clients to help with relocation projects. Our team provide on-site pickup services, crating, packing, storage and more for businesses in Quincy and the South Shore. 


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