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Benefits of Custom Crating For Medical Equipment

Benefits of Custom Crating For Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is delicate and highly sensitive. Additionally, in some cases, machinery can be oversized and heavy. Here at Crate This in Holbrook Massachusetts, we specialize in harder to crate and ship goods. On top of providing crating and packing services for medical equipment we also provide commercial storage solutions. With our commercial storage and crating expertise we are the perfect place to go to if you need help with any shipping projects. Items can be stored at our warehouse until you are ready to ship.

But why custom crating? In this article, we aim to go over the key benefits of custom crating. Whether you are sending a piece of equipment across the state, or across the globe, there are many unique benefits to having custom crating. 

If you manage a medical facility or other business in the Northeast and needing shipping, storage, or packing services for your business, give us a call or click below for more information on our services at Crate This. 

Custom Crating Provides The Best Protection For Medical Equipment

Custom crating is often recommended when you ship something heavy, oversized, or fragile/vulnerable to damage. Medical equipment can often be a combination of these things. Medical equipment is often very expensive, fine-tuned, and at a high risk of damage whether you are moving it a short distance or internationally. A custom crate utilizes a variety of materials to protect your equipment.

First and foremost, a custom crate is going to be measured to the exact dimensions of your equipment. This decreases wasted space as well as any risk of the equipment moving within the crate during transit. From there, padding and strapping is used to both keep the equipment in place and provide cushion. Vapor barrier coatings and heat shrink wrapping prevent dust, dirt, and water vapor from interfering with the machinery. This is ideal if you are shipping via ocean or air freight for international shipments. But even for domestic shipments, this extra protection can prevent damage while the shipment is moving. 

Custom Crating & Storage For Medical Equipment

Another benefit of custom crating is that it makes it easier to store a specific machine. If you have equipment that won’t be in use for a period of time, your custom crate is designed to the exact specifications of your machine or other piece of equipment. The same protection that crate provides in transit can also provide protection while equipment is not in use. Many medical facilities continue to use custom crating for both storage and so that they can ship the equipment again in the future.

Custom Crating Can Be Replicated

If you partner with a crating company like Crate This, you can also keep files on the custom crates you have designed for your equipment. This means a single custom crate design can be manufactured multiple times for multiple identical pieces of equipment. This leverages both the benefits of customized protection with a streamlined creation and construction of crating. This is ideal for facilities that have many similar pieces of equipment or for companies that need to ship vulnerable equipment frequently. 

Medical Crating Services in Massachusetts

If you have medical facility in Massachusetts that needs commercial storage, custom crating, or another one of our services, we would be happy to help. Give us a call today, or click below for more information on our services. If you have any questions about crating costs or timeline for crating projects, please contact us. 

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