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How Do I Ship Heavy Equipment Internationally?

How Do I Ship Heavy Equipment Internationally?

Shipping anything internationally can be difficult, but the more complex the shipment the more shipping it gets complicated. International regulations require you to be an expert and follow every rule in order to ensure your shipment is neither stopped at customs or sent back to the origin point. One difficult thing to ship is oversized or heavy machinery. Not only do you need to make sure you meet all of the international regulations, but you will also need to identify shipping methods and packaging for your shipment to ensure it arrives safely. 

How Do You Ship Large Machinery Overseas?

If you are shipping large machinery overseas you need to make a few considerations. For example, if you are shipping out of gauge cargo where either it won’t fit in a normal freight container due to dimensions or due to weight, you will need to either break it into pieces that can fit into containers or you will need to come up with a crating and shipping solution. Shipping outside of freight containers will require working with a custom packaging company to make sure that your machinery is protected and that the packaging and crating meet international standards. Additionally, you will need to work with a carrier to handle the unique aspects of your shipment.

How to Protect Heavy Machinery When Shipping Overseas

Another thing to consider when shipping heavy machinery overseas is to make sure that your shipment is protected. Whether you are shipping via ocean or air freight there are risks to your shipment especially if you are using a breakbulk method because the shipment wouldn’t fit in a traditional shipping container. To protect your shipment from damage you will need to consider the different ways the machinery can get damaged. For example, water moisture in the air, especially for ocean shipping methods will need to be addressed with vapor barrier protection. Meanwhile, damage caused by impacts can be prevented with strapping and foam padding. Dust, dirt, and other debris could also damage your shipment. Heat shrink wrapping can provide an extra layer of protection on that front. 

What International Regulations Are There?

Depending on where you are shipping there are a variety of regulations that will need to be considered. Additionally, your carrier will also have regulations. It is imperative that you either look up and follow these regulations including how shipments are labeled, or work with a team that is experienced in international shipping. Additionally, the shipment materials used to package your goods must also meet international regulations. For example, wood materials need to be treated to prevent pests from invading other ecosystems. 

International Shipping Packaging & Crating

Crate This works with businesses throughout the northeast to help with international and domestic shipping projects. We provide custom-tailored crating solutions for your businesses. For more information or a quote for our services, please contact our team.

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