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What Special Features Can Be Added To A Custom-Built Crate?

What Special Features Can Be Added To A Custom-Built Crate?

Here at Crate This, we help create custom crating for our commercial and industrial clients. While one of the greatest benefits to a custom crate is the enhanced protection for a shipment, there are many other benefits to getting custom crates made. For example, we once worked with a company that was moving their business and created crating that was able to double as shelving at their new location. We also work with many companies that do tradeshows and create crates that are not only multi-use but are built to make unpacking and packing easier so that if you need to switch off team members, new team members can be given easy to follow instructions as the crate travels the country. Here are a few more benefits to custom crating. 

Custom Foam Inserts For Extra Protection

When you are shipping highly valuable and fragile equipment or products, you need to make sure they are protected. What is the easiest way for something to get damaged in transit? Impacts. Any extra space between an item and the interior of the crate can quickly increase damage risks. Aside from custom crating being measure to your shipment to avoid extra space, there are a variety of ways foam inserts can be applied for extra protection. Here are a few examples:

  • Custom Foam Dividers: Dividers are ideal if you are shipping multiple objects in the same crate. For example if you are shipping pieces of equipment or multiple small products a custom measured and cut grid of foam can be used to prevent items from colliding during transit. 
  • Custom Foam Cutouts: Cutouts can also provide additional protection for crates that have multiple loose objects, foam cutouts are formed around objects to keep the object padded all the way around.
  • Custom Foam Foundations: Foam padding covering the bottom, sides and top of a crate provides extra impact protection.

Crate Additions That Make It Easier To Load & Unload

While the core benefit of a crate custom built is the protection, custom crates don’t stop there. There are a variety of additions that can make crates more maneuverable or make it easier to load and unload crates multiple times. For example, ramps can be added to crates to make it easier to roll off items off of the crate. Crates can also feature latches and wheels to make it easy to open and close the crate. This is ideal for exhibition and tradeshow crating that is going to be used over and over again. For a single simple shipment you can usually use a simple crate, but if  you are going to be loading and unloading a crate multiple times, or moving items in that crate around a facility, additives like wheels, latches, hinges, and ramps can go a long way in making your crate more beneficial. 

Custom Crating in New England

Crate This works throughout Massachusetts and New England to aid in international and domestic shipping projects. If you are interest in a quote on a crate for your business, please give us a call or use our inquiry form to get in touch. 

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