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What Is The Best Way To Ship Large Machinery?

What Is The Best Way To Ship Large Machinery?

At Crate This we help companies with large and heavy machinery shipping projects. There are often many challenges regarding shipping large or heavy machinery. From the custom crating designed to provide extra protection for delicate devices, to handling things with the carrier. And if you are shipping internationally, these problems can further compound. In this article, we will discuss strategies to consider when shipping large or heavy machinery. If you are shipping to or from the northeast, we would be happy to discuss how our crating fabrication services can help with large machinery

Shipping Heavy Machinery With A Container

The tried and true method for shipping anything domestically or internationally is with a container. Containers are often used for ocean freight as well as for trucking. But, the common problem with shipping with containers is how to handle a situation where your machinery is not going to fit in the standard shipping container. One solution to this is to break large machinery down and then package the disassembled parts individually. There are pros and cons to this as a strategy. On the one hand, it is often logistically easier to work with items that fit in standard twenty or forty foot containers. On the other hand this greatly increases labor and requires the construction of additional crating and packing solutions. 

Roll-On & Roll-Off Shipping Solutions

A simple way to ship heavy machinery without a container is to simply roll the machinery on and off of the shipping vessel. Of course this comes with a couple of considerations. First you have to make sure that the item can be rolled and moved up and down ramps safely. Second, you have to consider additional risks to your machinery and account for them. Damage risks increase when a machine is left out in the open. Additionally you have to consider the logistics of working with a carrier that can work with roll-on and roll-off shipping strategies. Wheeled machinery can take up a lot of space, and stacking wheeled machinery is extremely difficult which decreases vertical space for shipping. 

Lift-On & Lift-Off Shipping Solutions

Another solution for large machinery is to use a crane to lift the equipment on and off of the shipping vessel. Of course, this method comes with some obvious disadvantages. You will need a crane that can sufficiently lift and move your load, and will need to work with a crew that can operate this crane. This can quickly add up costs for shipping machinery this way. While this is a simpler way of loading and unloading heavy machinery, and is a straightforward process there will often be additional costs to consider. 

Custom Crating in New England

Crate This works with businesses throughout New England to help manufacture custom crating based on the dimensions of your shipment. Our team works with your team to ensure that your shipments are properly packaged based on the shipping method you are using. We can help ensure that your shipment is capable of being loaded into a container, lifted on and off, or rolled on and off. Our team can help handle the logistical concerns for international and domestic shipping. 

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