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September 5, 2023
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How Are Custom Crates Protected For International Shipping?

How Are Custom Crates Protected For International Shipping?

Whether you are shipping something fragile, something expensive, or something one-of-a-kind, there is always a good reason to consider customized protection. Using shipping materials that aren’t customized to your cargo can have disastrous results. For every extra inch of space inside of a crate there is an increased risk of damage caused by your item moving within the crate. But even beyond ensuring that the dimensions are correct, there are many ways teams like the one at Crate This can provide customized protection for your shipments. 

How Do Custom Foam Inserts Work?

One of the most important elements of a custom crate is custom foam. There are many different ways to apply foam to a crate including inserts & foundations. Foam provides extra cushioning for a shipment to make sure that any movement made in transit doesn’t lead to your item banging into the interior of the wooden crate. If you are shipping multiple items within a single crate, foam can be custom made to create a grid that each item can be placed into. Machinery and electronics are often sensitive to damage caused by moving around or even just vibrating. Custom foam allows items to be kept in place.

How Does Custom Heat Shrink Wrapping Work?

Heat shrink is one of the most common materials used in custom crating solutions. This plastic material is placed over your object and heat causes the plastic to constrict forming a tight barrier around the object. It is a great solution both for shipping an item as well as storing an item in long-term storage. 

What Is Vapor Barrier Protection?

Metal items and electronics are often at risk of damage caused by air moisture. If you are shipping over seas via ocean freight, it is especially important to consider how moisture might affect  your shipment. VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) is a form of vapor barrier protection that can protect electronics and metal components. A bag is placed around an item, and a vacuum device is used to remove the air. 

Is Custom Crating Worth It?

Custom crating is a great choice for any company that is shipping expensive items or items that are at a risk of damage. The benefit of custom crating is that the materials that are used are based on the exact needs of your item. For example, a custom crate designer might not recommend certain materials or protections that are either unnecessary or redundant. A good custom crating company considers what you are shipping as well as how and where you are shipping it to determine the ideal crate for that shipment. 

Custom Crating in Massachusetts

If you are interested in getting a customized quote for a shipping project in Massachusetts, we would be happy to help. Give us a call today for more information regarding custom crating solutions in Massachusetts, or fill out our inquiry form. 

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