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September 29, 2023
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December 9, 2023
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What Is Certified Custom Crating?

What Is Certified Custom Crating?

Custom crating is one of the most popular solutions for protecting shipments whether they are being shipped internationally or domestically. Often, a concern for shipping art, fragile goods, or electronics is the potential damage they could have during transit. Whether you are shipping your own items internally to another branch or location, or you are shipping goods to a customer, it can be a huge issue if things break in transit. Damage causes severe problems for project timelines, budget, and your bottom line in general. Because of this, many businesses and companies look into custom crating. Here at Crate This we proved certified custom crating for international and domestic shipments. But you might have some questions about crating like how cost effective it is, how you can get a better return on investment, and how quickly the turnaround is. If you have a specific project in mind, please contact us for more information. 

Are Custom Crates Cost Effective?

Custom crating is an upfront investment. Obviously, customized crating is going to be more expensive than buying something pre-made, but that cost often pays for itself. Pre-constructed carting has some issues for fragile items. The biggest one is the dimensions. Extra space in a crate is extra room for your shipment to move around in transit. And without vapor barrier protection, electronics and other fragile goods can get damaged by the water in the air during travel. The best way to get a cost effective crate is to work with certified crating experts like our team. We tailor every element of your crate to your shipment. So there is never too much or too little protection. On top of that, we have experience with freight forwarding and logistics companies and can help ensure that your crates are easy to load and unload for your carrier. Beyond that there are a few ways to get a higher return on investment on your crates.

Are Custom Crates Reusable

Here at Crate This we want to help businesses get the most out of the crates they purchase from us. First and foremost, our crates are durable and can be used again and again, making them perfect for businesses that have routine shipments. We also provide crates for trade show booths and similar set-ups that make it easy to pack, unpack, and ship the same items over and over again. On top of that, we work with our clients to help with unique problems or needs. For example, when working on an industrial relocation project, we built crating that could convert into shelving at the new location. If you are interested in learning how our crates can help your business long-term, please give us a call.

How Quickly Can Custom Crates Be Made?

One concern for custom crating is the timeline. Compared to buying something pre-built of the shelf, custom crating is going to take more time. Of course timeline will differ based on who you work with. Here at Crate This, we provide expedited services as requested for our clients. Another unique offering at our business is pre-manufacturing custom crates. When we partner with a business that ships similar items frequently, we can actually build your next crates in advance, so when it is time to ship something, your crate is already laid away on our shelves at our warehouse. 

Custom Crating in Massachusetts

Located in Holbrook Massachusetts, the team at Crate This works with businesses throughout Massachusetts and the northeast with customized crating and similar services. If you are interested in crating solutions for your business please give us a call. 

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