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5 Key Components of Industrial Plant Relocation

Making the decision to relocate an industrial location either domestically or internationally is a large undertaking. There is a seemingly infinite list of details to be aware of and to manage. From how to package your goods, to how to ship them, to how to ensure that your entire inventory arrives at the new location on time. Like any large project, the key to success is in the preparation. Here are a few core components to industrial plant relocation projects that can keep you organized and prevent damage or lost goods.

Create A Comprehensive Inventory

You need a comprehensive list of every item that is being sent from your current location to your new location. A checklist is recommended especially if goods are being shipped in multiple waves or via different carriers/methods. Keeping track of the date that each item leaves and arrives can prevent items from being forgotten. It is highly beneficial to have multiple copies of this list and to have maintained by multiple people in the business. Your team will have a lot of work ahead of them when they relocate. And it is easy for things to get forgotten if there is not a clear list of all the goods that were shipped.

Create An Itinerary For The Move

Another important document or set of documents is your plan and timeline for the relocation. This can help you stay organized when planning when it is most effective to disassemble machinery based on when that machinery can be shipped out. You want to decrease downtime for your team, so if you plan to send machines in multiple shipments or waves it is important to have a well thought out plan of how many machines and which machines will be shipped and when.

Plan Your New Building’s Layout

Before even beginning the moving process you should have blueprints of your new location. Understanding the dimensions of your facility and where all of your current equipment will go can prevent issues when unloading and reassembling large machinery. It is highly important that this plan be shared with any contractors and members of your team that will be responsible for unloading shipments as they arrive.

Plan Your Packaging & Crating

No matter how thorough your itinerary, inventory, and other plans are, if your goods show up broken or damaged you could lose a lot of money both on replacing the components and on potential downtime. It is highly recommended that you seek a company that specializes in custom packaging solutions for heavy and large machinery. This is especially true if your goods will not fit in standard freight containers. In those cases, it is invaluable to have a team that can provide packaging solutions.

Figure Out Your Carriers

Additionally, you need to make decisions about who you will use to ship your goods. It is recommended to work with a freight forwarder with experience in industrial plant relocation. An experienced freight forwarder can handle all of the logistic concerns involved in shipping. This is especially beneficial for international shipping projects.

Get Custom Made Crating For Plant Relocation

Crate This serves industrial locations throughout the northeast with our crating and packaging services. We provide custom made crates that are designed to keep your goods in pristine condition no matter how far they are traveling or where they are traveling to. For more information and a free quote on our services please contact us.

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