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October 23, 2020
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How to Handle Cargo That Can’t Fit in A Container

Water proof packaging

When talking about international and domestic shipping you will often hear about the benefits of consolidation. Often times, businesses are shipping goods that do not fully fill a freight container. By combining shipments with other vendors, they can cut down on costs. But sometimes, manufacturers and industrial businesses run into the opposite problem. When a shipment’s dimensions are too large for a shipping container, it creates a logistical problem for either international or domestic shipping. Aside from the freight forwarding headache of finding the right carrier to transport these oversized goods, there is also an issue with packaging.

Out of Gauge Break-Bulk Cargo

When cargo cannot fit within a standard shipping container it is usually shipped using a break-bulk method. Break-bulk cargo includes any materials that will not fit in containers. In some cases, the materials are broken into smaller pieces and shipped individually, but regardless, they need their own unique packaging. In these scenarios, it is important for businesses to find a custom packaging provider that not only can create crates or boxes that are the correct dimensions, but that will adequately protect the shipment.

Custom Crates For Machinery via Ocean Freight

When industrial plants move their large equipment it is likely some of their equipment will either not fit in containers, or cannot be effectively broken down into pieces that will fit in containers. In these cases, this can cause some concern for international shipping in particular. When shipping via ocean freight, it is very important that shipments are protected against the environment. This is why any crating that is made to replace the protection provided by a shipping container, must also include appropriate rust and water protection. If a shipment does not have the appropriate packaging materials it could be irrevocably damaged while in transit. Materials like vapor barrier protection can ensure that goods are protected while in transit.

Custom Crating for In-Land Transportation

Water proof packaging

Although international ocean freight might present larger concerns for out of gauge cargo, even domestic trips via truck-transport can present issues. Like with ocean freight, any shipments too large for container vessels can be damaged by weather conditions if they are being carried by a flatbed. This is why proper packaging or crating is necessary to protect goods from the elements. Heat shrink wrap is also highly recommended for domestic out of gauge cargo.

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