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How Winter Weather Impacts Freight Shipping

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At Crate This, our goal is to make sure your shipment arrives in the same condition it leaves in. Whether you are shipping across the country or across the world, by truck, plane, or ship, in or out of a container, our packaging solutions are designed to keep your goods safe. As we enter the winter months in the northern hemisphere, shifting weather patterns are sure to impact international and domestic shipping schedules. Bad weather can greatly increase the risk of damage to your goods.

Road Conditions & Land Transportation

If you are shipping goods across the country or in-land from a foreign port, road conditions may impact your shipment’s safety. Trucking is essential to the American economy and to our distribution systems. In extreme weather conditions, roads can be shut down which will impact shipping schedules. However, in many situations, truckers are still able to drive in unsafe conditions if the roads are not shut down or alternative routes are available. This can lead to other issues where cargo shifts during transit and breaks. Freight trucks can carry multiple tons of weight, making their stopping power much lower than other vehicles. Balancing safety with staying on schedule can be a toss-up when driving in wintery conditions in the northern section of the country.

Capacity Limits & Project Cargo

Winter weather may affect how many carriers are will to pack into trucks. Additional weight can decrease safety for the driver and the overall shipment. It can be exceedingly difficult to find carriers that can ship oversized cargo when there is inclement weather on the horizon. Additionally, project cargo or out of gauge cargo presents even greater risks. Cargo that cannot fit inside a traditional freight container or in a freight truck, is exposed to the elements during transit. Utilizing the right packaging is paramount to keep your shipment dry and unaffected by rain or blizzard conditions.

Weather & International Shipping

Blizzards and storms also raise a lot of potential concerns for international shipping. As storms move over the ocean, many flights are canceled, and ocean freight has to adjust and be rescheduled. A storm might require your shipment to wait in storage until it is safe to proceed. That is why it is important to know great storage facilities that are close to shipping terminals so that if your carrier cancels or reschedules, you do not have to overpay for shipping. And when utilizing storage facilities near terminals, you can easily get back on schedule quickly and potentially make up for the lost time.

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Located in Holbrook, Massachusetts, the Crate This team provides storage solutions and packaging services for international and domestic shipments. We can help you keep your goods protected from weather conditions and provide storage if your carrier needs to cancel a shipment. For more information please contact us.

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