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How Tradeshow Crating Works

When planning a tradeshow circuit, there is a lot of factors that you will need to consider. Making sure you have the right sales team on deck, making sure you have the right promotions, and making sure you have the right marketing materials, are all usually top of mind. But one thing that may slip, is your plan shipping those marketing materials and your plan for how your booth will get set-up, torn-down, and reloaded back on the truck. That is where tradeshow crating comes in. These specialty crates are designed to make packing/unpacking your tradeshow booth easier.

Protecting Your Tradeshow Marketing Materials

You will likely spend a decent amount of money on your marketing materials. From printing out brochures to decorations for your booth to draw in guests, any business that plans to do multiple tradeshows will have invested capital into their tradeshow materials. That is why it is so important to keep them intact especially if you are using them for multiple shows or for multiple years. Exhibition crating is designed around security. Every tradeshow crate is designed to keep each element of your tradeshow booth separated and securely packaged. A single crate will have multiple slots or cubbies built-in. Each cubby will usually have foam inserts to protect each individual element of your setup.

Trade Show Crate Organization

The second common element among tradeshow crates is that they are designed to make packing and unpacking easier. The designers consider which piece of your booth you will need and when. By understanding your set up and tear down process the elements can be placed in order of need and marked/labeled. This makes it easy to transfer the crate to a different team later on, or to use the same crating for multiple years of trade shows. This can make it even easier to attach a quick packet of instructions that make setting up and tearing down your booth quick and painless. This gives your team even more time to focus on making sales than wasting time with setup. Additionally, these crates often have ramps and wheels so any heavy elements can easily be moved.

Get A Quote on Tradeshow or Exhibition Crating

If you are planning to make the rounds at local tradeshows or you need to set up an exhibition booth in a retail store, we highly recommend tradeshow and exhibition crates. These crates are designed to make things easier on your staff and decrease the risk of broken merchandise. Contact us for more information.

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