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FAQ About Vapor Barrier Protective Packaging

Custom crating is a must when shipping anything valuable, fragile, or over long distances. Your goods are one of a kind, so their protection should be as well. Beyond, simply creating a crate with custom dimensions to match your goods, crating experts will use a variety of materials that are tailored to your shipment. This includes vapor barrier packaging.

What Is Vapor Barrier Packaging?

VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitors) protects goods from damage caused by rust and corrosion. It is applied as a thin protective layer over your goods to protect them from water vapor as they travel via ocean, air, or land shipping methods. Particularly for ocean transportation, this can protect your goods from rust.

How Does Vapor Barrier Packaging Work?

There are a variety of ways to apply VCI protective packaging. The Crate This team uses one of four methods based on what you are shipping, where you are shipping it, and other factors. We can use heat shrink technology to shrink a thin layer of VCI film around your goods, we can seal your goods in a foil bag, we can wrap your goods in VCI coated paper, or we can use desiccants that are designed to draw and soak up water vapor.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Vapor Barrier Packaging Solutions?

The cost of vapor barrier packaging is determined based on what method of packaging you use and how much material needs to be applied. Obviously larger shipments will require more material. To get a no-obligation free quote for your shipment, please send us a message, and a member of the Crate This team will provide a quote for you.

Does My Shipment Need Vapor Barrier Packaging?

At Crate This we recommend vapor barrier packaging and VCI applications on an as-needed basis. Like all of our crating our goal is to optimize the design to the exact needs of our clients. To accomplish that we only utilize VCI for specific shipments that are at a higher risk of rust or corrosion. Industrial goods, machinery, and technology should all be protected with VCI. Additionally, any shipments utilizing ocean freight shipping methods should be considered for this packaging.

Contact Crate This for More Information About Vapor Barrier Packaging

To get a no-obligation quote on a custom crate for your product, please contact Crate This. Our team would be happy to go over the details of your shipment and will design a crate that is optimized for international or domestic shipping.

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