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February 18, 2021
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Crate This Provides Expedited Crating For a Major American Airline

At Crate This, there are a few things you can always count on. Our crates will always be made with high-quality materials. Our team will always tackle projects of any size with the same great service. The team will always adapt to the exact needs and specifications of your project. And our team will be in constant communication with our clients every step of the way. For decades we have been providing high-quality crating services to businesses, private companies, and more. That is why when a major American Airline needed to ship something across the country right away, they counted on the Crate This team.

Expedited Crating & Emergency Freight

The team at Crate This understands the volatile nature of shipping. In some situations, our clients need something shipped yesterday, which is why they contact us. Barring the invention of a time travel machine, our team is consistently chosen by major airlines, international airports, and other private companies for these “high priority” shipments. The main reason is that we have decades of experience working tight schedules without sacrificing quality. There is nothing worse than expediting freight due to the immediate need only for those goods to arrive broken or damaged. Our job is to prevent any damage or issues with shipments by providing custom packaging and crating.

Custom Crating & Packaging Service

The term “custom crating” is a bit of a catch-all. First, each of our crates is cut and assembled to be as efficient as possible. This decreases wasted lumber and decreases costs, while also decreases the risk of your shipment shifting in transit. Additionally, we provide a variety of specialized packaging materials. Each of these materials is hand-picked based on what you are shipping, where you are shipping it, and a variety of other factors. Packaging and crating materials are designed to be used as efficiently as possible which decreases material costs while also optimizing for the best protection for your shipment. When working with this major American Airline, our team worked around the clock to go from the design process to the manufacturing process to shipping in a matter of hours.

24/7 Crating & Packaging Services

A big part of why Crate This is chosen for these special projects is because we offer a variety of specialty services. This airline worked with us because over the years we have become industry leaders when it comes to crating and packaging machinery, electronics, large equipment, and other unique items. Additionally, our team is dedicated to working hard to get things moving on your schedule. Emergency expedited shipping is frequently necessary for a variety of industries, as it is not uncommon to suddenly need parts, tools, or equipment shipped across the country or the world. Our team works well under pressure and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure efficiency without sacrificing quality or safety. For more information please contact our team.

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