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FAQ: When Do You Need Custom Crating?

Whether you own a business that ships to clients worldwide or you just want to ship something special to friends and family across the country, you may want to consider custom crating. Throughout America, there are many crate manufacturing companies that design crates specifically around your specifications, budget, and needs. But when do you need custom crating?

Waterproof Crating Electronics

Many startups, e-commerce websites, and small businesses work in the electronics industry. Part of your reputation as a company is making sure that your products arrive at their location in working order. It is common to provide a full refund to customers when electronics are not in full working order upon arrival. That is why many companies that deal in electronics get specialized designed vapor-barrier crating. A custom crating company will draw up a design based on how much protection you need and your budget. If you ship anything electronic overseas, it is highly recommended you have vapor-barrier crates designed.

Crating Designed For Art & Fragile Items

Although major shipping agencies provide some “fragile” packaging options, they are often not enough to ensure your package gets delivered safely. Museums around the world make sure that paintings, sculptures, and other art are delivered carefully by using custom designed crates. When you ship priceless family possessions, furniture that features glass, or artwork, you should have your crating designed professionally. Every piece is unique, so it’s packaging should be unique as well.

Large Dimension Crating For Machinery & Project Cargo

In order to ship cargo that has large dimensions, you will often need to use a custom crate designer. This is often true for machinery, whether you are working with something that is too large or too heavy, you should have crate designers work on securing and packaging your machinery and project cargo for transportation.

Custom Crating for International Shipments

Whether you are a business looking to expand into an international market or are just looking to send a gift overseas, you should look into custom crating options. Many crating companies have a lot of experience with the clearing customs in international ports. There is nothing worse than a package being sent back when it arrives because it did not meet customs regulations. Make sure to work with a crating company that can design your crate accordingly.

At Crate This in Holbrook Massachusetts, we work with hundreds of clients around New England to make sure that their goods are delivered correctly. We are members of NELMA (North Eastern Lumber Manufacturing Association). Through our membership, all of our crates are ISPM15 certified for the IPPC. This means that our crates meet material standards set by the United Nations for international shipping and have labeling that will clear customs. So whether you need international shipping, waterproof packaging, custom dimensions, or even trade show crates we have the design and building experience to meet any need. Get in contact with us for a free estimate for your shipping solution.

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