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5 Ways To Improve Your Tradeshow Strategy

For a lot of industries, running a successful tradeshow accounts for more than half of their sales leads. Trade shows are extremely competitive and having a good one can have an enormous impact on your quarter’s new sales. The key to a successful trade show is to work on your booth, team, and pitch months in advance. Here are a few tips when considering how to make your team’s booth stand out in the crowd.

1. Prepare Your Team

Communication is key when it comes to tradeshows. Have meetings with your tradeshow team weeks before the event to go over materials and make sure everyone is on the same page. Make sure your team gets there early and consider giving them enough time to have a pre-show meeting at a local coffee shop. Your team needs to be ready to be selling full speed for their entire shift, so taking the time to relax before and after the show can make a large difference.

2. Be Active On Social Media

No matter the size of your social media following, you should be posting leading up to your next show. Tradeshows are a great way to advertise your business to your fans. Depending on your social media strategy and the tradeshow’s availability to the public it can be very advantageous to invite your followers to visit you at the tradeshow. Having people congregate near your booth is a surefire way to bring in new people.

3. Create an Innovative Trade Show Booth

Designing a unique booth is paramount to bringing people over to your sales team. Based on your budget, your product, and the restrictions of the show, there are ways to stand out at a tradeshow using booth design. Some booths benefit from overhead hangings, unique architecture, or even walls lined with living plants. Regardless of your design, you will want to make sure that you have a way to transport your pieces so that they aren’t damaged.

4. Giveaways

It goes without saying, but free giveaways is always an attractive element to a booth’s design. The key to giveaways is to be creative. In a room of free pens, water bottles, and drawstring bags be the booth that is giving out kettle corn. Best results come from having a creative giveaway that is linked to your company,

5. Plan Your Booth’s Setup & Teardown

One of the most important aspects of tradeshows is planning for setup and takedown. As mentioned above, having a booth with a unique design and creative giveaways can give you a competitive edge. However, you need to make sure all of your booth elements are transported safely, and that they are organized in a way that makes setup and takedown low maintenance. Consider hiring a custom crating company to design padded crates with ramps and setup instructions.

Looking to stun attendees at your next tradeshow? At Crate This we provide uniquely designed tradeshow crates. Our crates help you save time setting up so you can get to work faster. We also ensure that your unique setups are protected from your office to the tradeshow with padding. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss bringing your tradeshow setup to the next level.

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