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When Do I Need to Utilize Vapor Barrier Packaging?

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No doubt you’ve heard of vapor barrier packaging, but perhaps you’re scratching your head as to
whether or not you need to use it. We’re going to go through the basics of what vapor packaging is, and
why it might be the perfect solution for your business.

What Vapor Barrier Packaging Is

It’s one thing to have a quality product, and it’s another to ensure that that quality reaches your
customer! Vapor barrier packaging keeps certain products away from moisture. There are various
different items that can get utterly destroyed by moisture, and that’s why vapor packaging is not only
helpful, it’s also a necessity.

Electronics are a good example of something that is sensitive to moisture, and that’s where vapor
barrier packaging can make all the difference. Vapor packaging is used on products that are transported
by ocean container, because the salt water vapor can cause corrosion and damage to electronic
components and metal surfaces. In these cases, vapor barrier bags are used, and the seams are heat-
sealed. There is also a method of VCI rust inhibitor shrink films by which the film is heat shrunk around
your products.

Why Do You Need Vapor Barrier Packaging?

Essentially, your sensitive items need vapor barrier packaging in order to ensure that the product your
customer ordered is the same high-quality product they’re going to get. Luckily, there are so many
moisture barrier bags to choose from these days, and that means that you can find the vapor barrier
packaging that is just right for your particular shipment or line of products.

It should be noted here that vapor barrier packaging is incredibly important for international or truck
shipping. That being said, it’s crucial for air shipping as well. You never know where moisture can leak in,
and that’s why being proactive when it comes to protecting your products is so important. Wherever
there are extreme changes in temperature or altitude, you’re going to have moisture. Condensation
leads to rust, and rust leads to a loss of customers.


If you’re doing a lot of product shipping, you’re going to find that vapor barrier packaging is crucial to
ensure quality and functionality of your products. The key to finding the right vapor barrier packaging is
to align with a trusted packaging company to find the bags or method that is right for you. When you
protect your most vulnerable items such as server racks, computers, and industrial equipment, you’re
going to find that you’re adding tremendous peace of mind to your business. Once you align with the
right packaging company, protecting your products will become second nature.

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