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How to Avoid Mistakes When Shipping Your Server

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Shippers who are responsible for shipping servers have a lot on their mind. Speed, safety, cost, and much more all play a role in the shipping process. All too often, safety gets pushed to the back burner and mistakes are made that could lead to serious damage of your server. These are a few of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid when shipping your server.

Pallet Do Not Protect Server Equipment

Pallet may be a cheap packing option, but they aren’t a safe one! Your server should ideally be packed in wooden crates. An alternative option to use are double walled cardboard boxes, but wooden crates are more secure. If you’re scrapping or recycling your servers than the cheaper route of pallet is fine.

Do Not Pack with StyrofoamTM or Like Foams

This type of foam packing material can cause multiple problems during shipment. First, the foam easily flakes apart, and small particles can find their way into your equipment causing serious and irreversible damage. The foam also doesn’t offer the best shock absorption during transportation.

Know the Limitations of OEM Packaging

OEM packaging is made to withstand very little in the grand scheme of the shipping world. Freight shipping includes tossing, dropping, and harsher movements that OEM packaging isn’t designed to withstand. OEM packaging is designed to be as low cost as possible for the manufacturer, so don’t expect it to protect your precious and pricey equipment. Investing in additional packaging to protect your server is vital if you expect it to make it to the destination in one place.

Get 100% Full Value Insurance

Many moving companies try to offer only a percentage of coverage per pound, but your servers are likely worth much more than that flat rate. 100% full coverage insurance should be purchased before the shipping process begins to protect your valuable goods for what they’re actually worth.

The Company You Hire Should Be the One Hiring the Entire Move

You likely spent a lot of time choosing a shipping company you trust with your equipment. Be sure that company will actually be the one handling your goods, not outsourcing to another company out of your scope of knowledge. Carefully read over contracts before signing to ensure no mention of a third-party company is mentioned. Outsourcing saves shipping companies money, but it could end up costing you more than you’re prepared for if your equipment is mishandled.

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