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October 15, 2018
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Project Cargo

Last month we were approached by one of our clients to engineer and manufacture a solid wooden structure, vapor barriered with rust inhibitor films.  The project needed to be completely self-sustaining and be able to be transported on a flatbed to a remote destination.  The project required Crate This to engineer, design, and build this structure to resist the elements, high winds and be able to be structurally sound.  The base was required to be made of a galvanized metal for strength, anchoring as well as inclement weather purposes.  The Crate This team designed the base platform with the help of our local metal fabrication vendor. The crate with hurricane strength reinforced walls, interlined and shrink-wrapped with VCI rust inhibitor films. The engineered design required two layers of this VCI film.  One layer for the exterior, one layer on the interior.  The contents of the structure were proprietary so we did not know what was being put inside, just that our engineered Project Crate was exactly what our client needed and they were very happy with the finished project.  The exterior of the crate was finished on site as well.



If you find you and your team struggling with a design project, outside of your normal in-house abilities let our team here at Crate This assist you.

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