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Why Hire a Boston Crating and Packing Company?

Over the years Crate This has gathered data from several different customers in regards to the need for a solid wooden crate and or deck. As a Boston-based crating and packing company over the years, we have compiled a list on why you should choose a solid wooden crate over a pallet and or corrugated carton.

Protection During Shipment

This one comes as no surprise. The environment through which a company’s piece of property travels is harsh. Terminals can bang your property around, forklifts pierce machinery, and accidents always can and will happen due to human error. Solid wood with foam enclosed around your freight minimizes this risk greatly. That fork blade will now crack a wall instead of the piece itself. The deck will now alleviate that terminal shoving the piece in the trailer to make load quota. That heavy pallet the operator stacked on top of your machine is now protected with a solid roof to accommodate proper stacking. All the while the different parties read and understand the labels that Crate This has affixed to the crate for proper handling. End of the day, always minimize risk.

Long-Term Storage

As a Massachusetts crating and packing company, we provide a lot of storage for clients. Even with a facility as clean as ours, there will always be dust, rehandling, and the potential for humidity. Long-term storage is a perfect scenario to place your valuables and or freight within the confines of a solid wooden crate. Here at Crate This, we can design any size storage vault to accommodate protection for all types of commodities. Shrink wrapped high valuables are exposed 24/7/365 to the elements stated above. Rust builds up on raw material, electronics are exposed to heavy dust particles, and high fragile is at risk for damage every time the piece is relocated within the facility. If you want to start storage with Crate This, let us design a solid wooden crate to let you sleep at night, and when the piece is shipped to the final destination.

custom crate by crate this

Load Shift

Load shift is a problem across all modes of transit. Freight simply strapped and shrink-wrapped on a pallet is always exposed to load shift. The pace at which freight moves is FAST. The terminals have to meet load quotas. Operators are not going to drive slowly to cater to your unprotected pallet. With a solid wooden crate provided by a premier Boston crating and packing company like Crate This, we will eliminate all concern for load shift. We enclose the piece within 4 walls, foam lined upon request, and steel banded on the outside. The piece has zero room to move while moving within the warehouse, while in transit over the rail, road, air, and ocean.

Support for Proper Handling

Here at Crate This we have seen every type of commodity cross through our doors. From rolls of coil, wire rope on reel, rope on reel, heavy drums, heavy machinery, and heavy pieces flush to the floor. All of these commodities and more have one thing in common, special handling. As Boston’s choice for crating and packing, we provide the New England community with all types of custom decks and crates for their freight. With a custom deck and or crate, your cargo can now be handled properly via forklift and or crane. With proper handling, comes a safe shipment.

Want to learn more about our custom crating services? Give us a call today at (781) 552 – 4551.

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