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How to Safely Ship Your Electronics

vapor barrier packaging for electronics

With several delicate and essential parts that can become damaged very easily, moving any of your electronics or technology from point A to point B can be nerve-racking. A few concerns we hear are parts being broken off or dented during the moving process, parts being lost when they’re not secured properly, or wiring becoming aggressively tangled. With our team of experienced and dedicated custom crating experts, your technology and various electronics are in good hands.

Properly Packing & Shipping Electronics

To ensure the safe arrival of your electronics and technology, our team at Crate This follows specific steps when packaging and shipping your electronics. Some of these steps include:

  • Securing batteries and other flammable parts with an insulating material, to prevent heat exposure.
  • Separate, organize and tie any chords to prevent them from getting tangled and wrapped around the item that is being shipped. This also helps the receiver know the function of each wire and avoid confusion during assembly.
  • Utilizing additional packing materials when there is additional space that needs to be filled. This allows the item to stay in place and not move around, preventing damage.
  • When items are shipped via ocean freight, our team will utilize vapor barrier packaging to protect your electronics against moisture and water vapor.

No matter what electronic item you need to ship, our team at Crate This is here to help! Give us a call today at (781) 552 – 4551 for a free estimate on getting your item shipped out.

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