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Tips for Choosing Shipping Crates

If you run any kind of business, the odds are good that you’re going to need to invest in shipping crates at some point in time. Since you’re reading this guide, it’s safe to assume that time has come for you. Many business owners don’t realize how many shipping crate options there are until they start looking for them for the first time.

It can be quite overwhelming! Fortunately, there are a few key things you can take into consideration to make the selection process quick and easy. These are outlined in the following paragraphs. This guide is meant to help you choose the right shipping crates, but it is not intended to take the place of conducting the proper research on your chosen brand’s website.

Choose Treated Materials

In the crate and lumber industries, “treated” generally refers to heat treated. This is a process by which pests, such as insects, are killed without using chemicals. Heat treatment also makes wood significantly more resistant to various fungal diseases.

Heat treated wood crates are required for international shipping. This protects the environment around the world by not introducing foreign pests into new ecosystems. Even if you’re only shipping domestically, though, it’s still wise to select crates made from treated materials.

What Size Do You Need?

This is an important question to consider because not all crate companies make all sizes of crates, particularly if you’re in the market for extremely small or extremely large containers. Knowing the crate size, you need will make it easier to narrow down your shortlist of suppliers.

Plan for Opening

You need to know how you’re planning to open your crates, so you can make sure the containers you pick fit into your scheme. Different types of crates are designed to be opened using different methods. Metal shipping crates, for instance, usually have locks, while many wooden crates must be opened with a screwdriver or a crowbar.

Choose a Pallet-Style Base

Crates that come on pallet-style bases are by far the simplest and most efficient. Not only can you easily move them around a warehouse, but you can ship them onto a client without much hassle if needed. Pallets are also relatively simple for suppliers to load, which may save you money on labor and shipping costs.

Type of Access to Crate

At first glance, you might think this paragraph is the same as planning how you’re going to open your crates, but it’s quite different. This refers to the way in which your crates open. If, for instance, your shipments will include fragile or liquid items, it’s important to make sure they open from the top, rather than the bottom or the side.

Remember, if you need any help as you go through the crate selection process, you should feel free to contact any company whose products you’re considering. They will be able to answer questions you may have and, ultimately, work with you to make the right choice.

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