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How To Handle Out Of Gauge Shipping

break bulk and container shipping via ocean freight

Crate This provides a variety of custom made crates for businesses throughout Massachusetts. We provide crating for electronics, art, machinery, and more. And in many cases, we have to provide crating for oversized shipments. When a local business needs to ship something overweight or with unique dimensions, we are often called on to help. Often, when businesses are looking to relocate either domestically or internationally, we help create the packaging that not only protects their property but is also compliant with international shipping regulations.

International Shipping Crating For Oversized Freight

If you are shipping oversized freight that will not fit in a traditional freight container, you will need to work with a packaging and freight forwarding company. A freight forwarding company can help ensure that you are compliant with any international shipping regulations involved in shipping oversized freight. There are a lot of steps that go into shipping something internationally or even domestically. Loading and unloading, distribution, customs, tariffs, handling taxes, and other elements will all need to be handled by either the company or the freight forwarder working on their behalf. Crating itself has to be compliant and labeled correctly before goods can be shipped. Crate This can help design, build, and load your crates before they ship so that your goods are both protected and compliant.

Custom Packaging For Breakbulk Freight

Another common solution for an oversized shipment is breakbulk shipping strategies. Breakbulk is a shipping method that involves avoiding traditional containers. In traditional container shipping, an oversized shipment would need to be broken into pieces, loaded into containers, and then reassembled once it arrives. This creates unnecessary costs and adds more complexities to the shipping process. You would need to pay for both the disassembly and reassembly as well as the loading and unloading of multiple containers. Break Bulk provides a variety of benefits, however, breakbulk shipping does require that businesses use custom packaging to protect their freight. There are other costs involved with breakbulk shipping as well. Shipping costs are higher for breakbulk because of the space they take up in ocean freight compared to traditional containers. That is why a crating expert at Crate This can help you choose between traditional containers or breakbulk shipping.

Get Custom Crating & Packaging For Oversized Freight

If you are shipping oversized freight domestically or internationally, you should work with Crate This. Our team of specialists can help design and pack your goods. We can also help you decide between using traditional container shipping or breakbulk solutions. Give us a call to discuss packaging your oversized freight.

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