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What Shipping Crate Specifications Are Necessary For International Shipments

The shipping industry has its own rules and regulations for moving any goods in and out of any country. Likewise, wooden crates come with a wide range of specifications for packing and shipping out goods. The crate needs to remain intact from the source to the final destination point. It is important that wooden crates comply with international regulations besides providing safety for keeping your goods safe during transit. So, what shipping crate specifications are necessary for international shipments?

“Bug Stamps” or ISPM 15

Many countries have made it compulsory to ban the export or import of wooden crates without having a “bug stamp” on the crate. Some countries won’t allow a crate to enter their port without an “ISPM 15 Certificate” in the documents list. Physically, each wooden crate should bear the “ISMP15” stamp.

What is a Bug Stamp or ISPM 15 certificate for?

ISPM 15 stamps certify that the wood used in crates is free from insects, pests, and infestation. All those countries covered under International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) will accept only those wood crates, and wood packing materials that have bug stamps on them. This includes wooden cases, pallets, crates, and drums, or other goods that need wood packing to keep them secure during sea passage. This practice is in order to stop the spread of plant-related diseases, pests, and other health hazards.

Health and Safety Hazard

ISPM-15 rules mandatorily require the use of raw wood that has been fumigated or heat-treated to kill insects and fungus. After this treatment, each wood piece is stamped with ISMP15 with the company logo on it along with the date when treatment was completed. This is done in order to ensure health and safety measures are met with utmost care. During sea passage, untreated wood insects or fungus can damage other cargoes on board. 

Custom Refusal

In absence of wood crate requirements, many countries either won’t allow the export or import of those goods. Non-compliance can cause the people in customs to return the shipments to their origin. This is often at the cost to the freight forwarder or the company that shipped the goods. Ensuring that your entire shipment meets international standards is paramount to avoiding shipping delays and costs caused by customs refusal.

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